Building Schools

Building schools where Panamanian government provides teachers

Bringing Education to Indigenous People

The next step in the process is to build a school. When Juan learned that the constitution of Panama must ensure the education for their citizens. If there is a group of 25 or more students, the opportunity for education became a reality. Juan made a deal with the government; he agreed to fund the construction of the school houses in communities with at least 25 kids. The government agreed to provide the teachers, uniforms, food, and a monthly stipend to each child attending school.

The teachers actually live in the village community during the school year. As student attendance increases to a certain size, the government pays to build a larger and “proper” school, made of concrete, with indoor plumbing and multiple classrooms. Kids who have completed school through grade 12 an opportunity to attend college free of charge. The country of Panama offers a free college education to all residents and David’s Well provides food and housing for students free of charge. The end goal is for students to obtain degrees and go back to the villages where they grew up and help the next generation to develop. Several students have come back as teachers offering hope to many villages.

Boarding Schools: enabling villagers to complete high school and Go on to college

It is very important to us that the students finish their elementary school studies, continue high school and graduate from college. However, many students cannot do this due to not having a high school nearby. David’s Well builds boarding schools in strategically located communities where the teens can reside during the academic year.