David’s Well is a nonprofit organization founded in Panama in 1987 by Juan Rodriguez from the Dominican Republic and Paul Daniel Crosley from the U.S. Our main focus is to take the Gospel to various villages where God leads us. Our mission is to make disciples, establish congregations, and help meet physical needs in the many undeveloped villages. Without the Gospel, we would be just another humanitarian organization doing good work, relieving physical suffering, and developing communities, but not meeting spiritual needs.

We believe the power of the Gospel empowers a community to live more productively and improve their relationships. In their current native culture, they have their own beliefs and traditions. It is not common for them to treat each other with respect. As people accept Jesus Christ and make Him Lord of their lives, they begin to care about the way they treat one another. They begin to care for their families. They open their hearts to Jesus. There is a change in their attitude that blesses our hearts. We see evidence in small steps of achieving our primary purpose, the transformation of lives lived for Jesus and in preparation for eternal life.

Through the focus of David’s Well on meeting spiritual and physical needs in the villages of Panama and other Central American countries, thousands of people have had their lives transformed.

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