Our Strategy
“We must attend to their basic physical needs first and lead them to Christ along the way.”

David’s Well has developed a process for bringing villages from the depths of disease and poverty to a functioning and healthy community that puts Jesus Christ at the head. Before meeting spiritual needs, we often must first address immediate physical needs of health, housing, water, and education. While addressing these physical needs, we get to know the villagers and introduce them to Jesus and His love. We plant the seed and let God bring the harvest.

God has given us an extraordinary team that loves what they do. They work tirelessly in our ministry along with Panamanian and American volunteers. Several American congregations help us financially and the government authorities provide the legal permission for the building projects.

While the unceasing prayers of all our supporters are essential for success, God is our primary provider and source of strength in this ministry. He provides the means for carrying out His mission as stated in Matthew 28:19.