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Most of the projects, the construction of homes, docks, medical clinics, schools or Windmills, have been completed by teams of people mostly from American churches. The teams usually raise enough financial support to not only cover their expenses for the trip but also to cover the costs of materials for the project they are building. David’s Well runs on a very small team of local support staff who help to lead these teams before and while they are serving in Panama.

It is a win-win partnership. The villagers receive the benefits of all the structures that are built. The mission teams have a life-changing experience as they serve. Juan has been asked many times, “Why not just send the money and hire local people to do the construction work?” His answer: “Although it is true, if we took all the money that was spent on airfare and travel and instead used it to hire workers from Panama and materials, we could probably get more done with the same money. However, there is no substitute for the human experience that comes from making a trip like this. It not only enriches the lives of those who come from afar to do the work, but it helps to bring more of the villagers to God. There is no amount of money that could replace the good that comes from these mission trips.”

Individuals have found their experience to be life- changing in their personal spiritual growth and walk with God. Not only does God transform the lives of the villagers, but those who are serving.

Financial Support

Many who cannot physically come with a team to support the ministry of David Well have chosen to provide financial support. The medicines supplied to the villages are all 100% funded by David’s Well and the price of these medications is always increasing. Although many of the projects are funded by the mission groups, additional funds are needed to support the groups as they serve such as paid interpreters, drivers, cooks, and additional labourers. Committed to financial integrity and God-honouring stewardship, David’s Well directs almost 100% of donated money to help the people in need. This ministry literally saves lives and is bringing thousands of people to Jesus.

You can send a check to David’s Well. Or Donate Online. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Average costs for the various Projects: (in U.S. Dollars)

• House: $2500

• Wood Dock: $1500

• School: $7500

• Concrete Dock: $4500

• Building the health center: $25000

• Rice Mill: $35,000

• Windmill Water Treatment System: $7500

• Annual Medicine cost per 25 children: $500

• College Dorms Supplied by David’s Well (annual cost per student): $1200

• Medical missions clinics: $1400 monthly (treating a max of 250 people)


Without prayer David’s Well cannot do the work God has given and labor in vain. He has equipped his people to serve and meet the past needs of this growing ministry and will continue to meet future needs as God’s people faithfully intercede.

Pray for David’s Well:

• Pray for continued growth of the ministry and wisdom to effectively manage it.

• Pray that 100% of the people in the villages come to know Christ, are baptized and give their lives to Christ.

• Pray for safety of all the people travelling to and from Panama.

• Pray that the villagers are free from disease.

• Hearts of people open to gospel.

• Rise up Godly leaders from within the villages to assists in evangelism and discipleship

• God to raise funds to support the growing needs as more villages are found.

Projects needed to support the known villages:

• 15 Windmill Water Treatment Projects

• 15 Schools

• 5 Rice Mills

• 8 Clinics

• 100 Houses

These numbers are constantly changing. We are discovering new villages every time we go out. The Lord is always giving us new opportunities to help our brothers.