Everyone here at David’s Well and the Ngöbe Buglé would like to thank everyone very much for all your prayers. The Ngöbe Buglé Indian Conference had an enormous turnout and was a success! More than 600 individuals traveled from all over to learn about our Almighty God, and to share the Gospel;  working together they prepared their meals, camped under trees, they shared their living spaces, and they did so, so other souls could be blessed by the power of our GOD.

They spent 3 days and nights worshiping our Lord, what an incredible demonstration of God’s love. We were all blessed by loving one another and sharing this special moment with all these brothers and sisters.

During the conference, David’s Well provided medical professionals to provide eye care, healthcare, and medications; mostly women and kids were treated, a total of 392 people were cared for.

Thank you Lord, for allowing us to be a part of your incredible work!